About Us

About The Farm

The farm is just over 50 acres consisting of 25 acres of irrigated ground and 25 acres of wooded Snake River frontage.  We supply a variety of flowers and filler to local florists.  Much of our farm is planted in perennial flowers and woody cut stems.  These plants will take a few years to mature, but once established they will provide a stunning setting.  All of our flower beds are lined with grass paths to provide weed suppression and soften up the field.  

For us, the farm is not just about raising flowers, or having a few farm animals.  Ultimately, we are raising a family and trying to give our kids what is slowly becoming a vanishing lifestyle.  During the growing season, it’s a sunup-to-sundown life, but hopefully those who take the time to come visit us will come away with a deeper appreciation for the simpler things in life and a connection to this good Earth.

We look forward to your visit!

Brent & Lynette

The Cows

Scottish Highland cows have been a fun addition to the farm. Highland cattle are one of the oldest breeds in the world, originating as far back as the 6th century. They are excellent foragers and efficient at improving pastures and clearing brush. The double hair coat is one of the most notable differences between highlands and other breeds. The coat reduces the need for expensive barns and shelters.


Highlands are easy to work with despite their long horns. The horns are used primarily for knocking down brush to graze, predator control, and scratching. With their docile personality and their shaggy coats they add a romance to the farm that we have really enjoyed.

The Goats

We have Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian goats.  Our Nigerian Dwarf goats were used in Goat Yoga and all of the goats are very friendly. 


Goats are amazing foragers and terrible swimmers, so the river provides the perfect boundary to our farm where they feed on saplings, grasses and the many native plants that grow in abundance.