Quieting the commotion of life,
one flower at a time

Burlap n Buds

Have you ever walked out in your back yard on that first sunny day in springtime? Even though you know it is still “technically” winter, the sky is just clear enough, and the sun is just bright enough, that you start wandering around looking for which of your bulbs have started to emerge.  That’s when you block out all of the noise of the world and just focus on the sounds and smells of springtime.  Nature provides the sounds, smells, and textures that take us back to when life was simple.  It’s the slight breeze blowing through the trees, the music of songbirds, and the sound of buzzing bees that keep us young and help put life back into perspective.

For many people, gardening is the ultimate escape.  It’s the therapy that simplifies life.  At Burlap n Buds flower farm, we’re working to create an atmosphere where you can unplug from the cares of the world and sample country living.  Whether you are looking for farm-fresh flowers for an event, a tranquil setting to do a U-pick with friends, or simply want to walk through the flowers, Burlap n Buds flower farm provides the ultimate escape to nature!


Burlap n Buds hosts u-pick events throughout the growing season.  We have a wide variety of fun flowers and floral-filler sufficient to produce beautiful do-it-yourself bouquets.

Click here to see a schedule of upcoming u-pick events.